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May Challenge Entry – What possessed me to do this?


This design is so much more frilly and feminine than I could have imagined.  I had just received some new ink and a stamp, and I had this paint in a shade called Watermelon. Sometimes the art just comes to be. How did I make this?

I knew I wanted to use my kemper leaf cutters to make a dahlia type flower, so I painstakingly cut out many many petals and stuck them down, put them in the oven to firm up, stamped color onto them….then added another row of petals, and so on….A lesson in patience! The leaves at the bottom are another experiment. I had mixed some Ranger ink into Katoliquid clay and I wanted to see if I could get it to settle in the depressions made by the stamp (stamp by StampZia, check her out!) It worked and there is a subtle coloring of green in the depths of the stamped image. I think I will be using this technique more in the future. Originally I had thought only flowers would make up the design, but when I was almost done I knew they were calling for a bird, so that’s how she got there. Enjoy!



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