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A few nice things to say about Kato clay, reluctantly…

I am entering Fire Mountain Gems beading contest this year, and the clay is Kato Clay. Unfortunately. I hate Kato clay. It stinks to the high heavens to my sensitive olfactory cells, and it is tough. Like Classic Fimo tough. My cold little hands just can’t condition it. Since it performs so much like Fimo did, I sometimes wonder why it is manufactured. However-

I was forced to buy some in order to compete. I ordered my four necessary colors. One of them was actually smooth and noticeably easier to condition than the other three. But the other three colors…omg, it took me all freekin’ day to make the components for my piece, which would have taken a couple of hours if made from my current favorite clay, Premo. As for my finished product, it is incredibly gorgeous. I have this to say about my experience using Kato clay-

although it took three times as long to condition and ready the clay in order to create my pieces, the sheen and the absolute lack of fingerprints was almost worth it. If made from Premo the same items would have had a dull finish and since everything I make is curvilinear, it is almost impossible to sand smoothly. So- the flawless, printless, sheen-y finish is very nice. I am certain that if made in Premo, the same items would have had prints on them and I would have had to spend a lot of time getting them out before baking. I guess it’s due to the extreme firmness of the Kato that it didn’t pick up my prints while I was working it.

Competition deadline is April 15th- so I’ll be posting pictures then. I can’t wait to see what I’m up against when all the entries go in 🙂



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Brand new design! Beaded bird earrings with sterling silver and Swarovski Crystals

Check it out! I used to make bird ornaments, they were much larger. I sold them at the Portland Saturday Market in OR. I have adapted that design to polymer clay, which is much smaller and lighter, and behold! Earrings that sway and dangle, with a little sparkly bead at the bottom. For sale today in my Etsy shop.


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