A new direction

Every Sunday morning, my hubby and I go to the beach for a long walk. We’re not much for sunning ourselves or swimming, but the shelling and fish-sighting is lots of fun. It’s also very beautiful here, we walk the lowest portion of Boca Raton’s beaches, which are bordered by high sand dunes covered with sea grapes. There are fewer buildings on this portion of beach too. We usually start at the Pavilion at Palmetto Park Rd, and walk all the way to LG Station 20. We’re not sure how long this walk is, but I suspect it’s at about 2 miles one way. It usually takes a couple of hours, and we enjoy it because it gives us a chance to just be together and talk- which is difficult for the two of us since it seems we are both on the computer all night long after work, doing more “work.”

Robert and I both enjoy sea life, we have a large and growing collection of shells and coral pieces we have picked up on those walks, and also at our first home in Revere, MA where we had a house on the beach. We have both been SCUBA diving and agree that we need to get re-certified and start diving again here. Last spring, we saw a group of cuttlefish at a beach in Delray, very close to shore. There is a large rock shelf there, with a big crack in it- that crack is about 3 feet deep, which frightens me because when you are walking it’s hard to see and easy to “fall” into. But swimming over it is grand because all the fish gather there. That’s where we saw the cuttlefish.

I would say beaches and sea life have been a big part of our lives, both together and when we were young.

There is a particular type of shell found here, it is white and has huge spines on it. It comes from some sort of bivalve, I will have to look it up. I found a piece of one, a rather large one, Sunday, and brought it home. While studying it I had an idea to create a pendant with texture and color to emulate sea life.

Here is my result. I will be experimenting more with this idea soon.


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