Experiences in Apple Land.

Well, I bought myself a new MacBook on May 1, and on May 27, they released a more powerful computer with a harddrive upgrade to 160 gb (base model had 120, so I paid $50 to get more space). The .13 increase in GHz speed might not make much difference to a housewife, but to me, it’s huge. Plus, they are giving away a free ipod now.

So I call Apple, and talk to them about the fact that I want the upgraded machine, since I only bought mine 27 days ago, and actually received it in the mail 20 days ago. Their answer- 14 day return or exchange, tuff-nuts on the ipod promotion, have a nice day.

Wonderful. This is my first MAC. Will it be my last? As an Adobe CS4 pro, I don’t need this kind of poor customer service. At the very least, if I had bought a PC, I would be at Best Buy exchanging it for the upgraded machine, right now.


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