Critters in polymer clay

So I was taking a stroll through critterland, that interesting place where imagination meets clay and little “things” come to life. My favorite place to spot such critters? Etsy, of course. And I know so many people there! So I started traipsing through the forest, and the first thing I found was this blue thingy- kinda like a cross between Wild Things and Dr. Suess.

Then, a quick swim…for this cane covered beautiful fish
And finally, a Corgi face and butt that was so irresistable I bought it on site! My cousins Sarah and Ryan have a Corgi, her name is Birdie, and I’m sure they will love this when they get it.

There are so many other little critters to be found. Some lifelike, some cartoonlike, some very fantastic, and some just plain pretty… do be sure to visit If you search PCAGOE TEAM as a tag, some of the work I showed you here will come up, as well as the work of 80 or so other artists I am aquainted with in that group.



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2 responses to “Critters in polymer clay

  1. Barbara

    Your first one makes me want to go see the new Where the Wild Things Are movie!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I just saw my fish here. Thank you. I found you because we are following each other on Twitter. I always like to check out the blogs of my fellow tweets? twitterers? anyway, here I am. I love you sea creature in a later post.
    Thanks again!

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